Sunset above the Frozen Sea: Pärnu

My driver was not going to the city center of Pärnu and that could be something that I should have been dissapointed about, but in this case it was a great thing. Instead of that he drove me to the sea coast, showing me on the way the bus stop where I can take the public transport from, and he left me on the spot where the viewing platform was. At the end of my trip, finally I could climb up some tower! The sea was completely frozen and the sun was just coming down. The athmosphere was undescribable. Have you ever walked on sea? I have!

After taking the bus to the city center I had two hours before meeting with my host, so even if it was already dark I went to explore the city. This was the only time that I had for Pärnu, because next day I had to catch the bus already before 8 a. m. I am sure that Pärnu is worth more, but I did what I could during the time I had!

From central bus station I walked in direction to the sea coast again. I discovered extraordinary protestant church, surprising amount of street art just around the corner afterwards, I walked through many parks admiring the typical buildings lining the streets. When I arrived to the coast there was just disgusting SPA hotel and the path to the sea shore was not enlightened, but I decided to be brave and I went to the darkness. I couldn’t see that much, just snow sparkling in the dark, some flashing light in the distance and the lines of the frozen sea.

I went back to the bus station, where we should have met with my host, different way, I walked through some more parks (during the summer there have to be really a lot of visitors for all those parks), I slided down one icy hill where some children were having big fun with one adult and I went also to the river to see the port. It was really nice, but… dark.

Johanna awaited me at bus station and she took me to her favourite pub to have a dinner there. It was an Irish pub not that far away from bus station and they have really great burgers there! I tasted the traditional Saku beer that you can find everywhere and that is probably not the best one, but with the burger it came in handy. We had really nice evening with Johanna and actually we met recently again – I hosted her and her friend from Viljandi in Vilnius just last weekend. In the morning she walked with me to the bus station because her bus to go to the school where she is doing her EVS was just shortly before mine. It was time to say goodbye to Estonia and take the bus back to Vilnius.


One thought on “Sunset above the Frozen Sea: Pärnu

  1. I remember the icy sea landscape of this beautiful city. I was just like a fairy tail to me.
    From your story, I understand that there is even more to Tallinn than I could imagine. I definitely want to go back there.

    Great photos!


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