Something about EVS and Travelling

I have never been travelling that much. Therefore this trip I planned was a big challenge for me. And that’s exactly what EVS is about – challenging yourself and trying out new things.

It is a bit paradoxical that my EVS (and first ever!) blog is about travelling because travelling was not the reason why I went for my EVS. I would rather say that one of the reasons why I decided to go for my EVS was because I was always afraid of travelling. To be somewhere far away from your home, from your parents and friends, from everything that you know so well, from your comfort zone.

Sunset and the frozen sea

Sunset at the frozen sea

During the months living in here, the capital of Lithuania Vilnius, volunteering in organisation I have ever wanted to, I have gained new experiences with travelling. I have travelled with my new friends – other EVS volunteers from Lithuania and also with my old friends from Slovakia that came to visit me here all around the Lithuania. We travelled by bus, by train, by ferry, using Blablacar, we hitchhiked, we rented the bicycles, we did canoeing. We were camping at the lakes, visiting other EVS volunteers and sleeping overnight at their places, finding accomodation through AirBnB. It seemed enough to finally plan a trip on my own.


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