Sunset above the Frozen Sea: Pärnu

My driver was not going to the city center of Pärnu and that could be something that I should have been dissapointed about, but in this case it was a great thing. Instead of that he drove me to the sea coast, showing me on the way the bus stop where I can take the public transport from, … Continue reading Sunset above the Frozen Sea: Pärnu


Like in a Fairytale: Viljandi

It is 66 kilometres to go to Viljandi from Tartu, so the car ride didn’t take even one hour. It was already dark when we arrived to Viljandi. My driver left me near some shopping mall, so I used it to make some small shopping (food for upcoming days and also some chocolate and sweets for … Continue reading Like in a Fairytale: Viljandi

Something about EVS and Travelling

I have never been travelling that much. Therefore this trip I planned was a big challenge for me. And that’s exactly what EVS is about – challenging yourself and trying out new things. It is a bit paradoxical that my EVS (and first ever!) blog is about travelling because travelling was not the reason why I went for my EVS. … Continue reading Something about EVS and Travelling